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Production of a wide range of agricultural commodities including soybeans, corn, wheat, cotton, channa, tuwar, surgun, Mung And Urad etc among others.

Our Farming activity mainly conducted in the Region of Vidarbha Maharashtra near Satpuda Hills where we are having lot much water and good climatic conditions are available which suits to our farming product to grow. The soil quality in this region is very good and the soil is very fertile so we mainly focus on the crops which grow in the 3 month period like soyabeen, channa, surgun,mung, udid, corn  and anually grown crops like Cotton, Tuwar.

Apart from this we are having land cultivated for the fruits like Oranges, Lime and lemon. This Region of Vidarbha Maharashtra is mainly focus on the oranges, lime and lemon which are of the export quality and get distributed from mainly this region to out side india. We are having farms of Oranges, Lime, Lemon. We cultivate them by using organic Compost fertilizer which is our inhouse production. This is to maintain the quality of the soil. We use cow manure, Panchagavya and compost fertilizer to keep the good quality of our Soil and high quality of our products and we focus on avoiding erogen of the soil and to maintain the proper natural balance and product quality.

We have consistently improving upon the current production techniques to ensure that we must achieve the technological improvements and standards of farming. So that it should get benefited to all the farmers. Our Main focus is on improvement in crop quality and quantity by focusing on the methods which will help us to grow further.  We use new methods for pest control  like Panchagavya which is very natural and its made from 5 elements of cow. This is the old ancient India technic of growing the crops with high quality and lower the effects of chemical pesticides. We use compost fertilizer which is hour inhous production from our dairy farm.

So we keep balanced fertilization, integrated pest and crop management and crop intensification. These best practices allow us to preserve and improve the productive capacity of our soils maximizing return on invested capital and increasing the land value of our farm. This get value added to the farmers which are connected with us and improve the benefits which help them to grow with us.

 We are having identified farmers which are connected with our organization and we are connected with many farmers in the region related to transferring the good method of  doing crop production  and we also buy their crops and we try to get them the good amount of return which will help them in quick manner. we also educate them related to preservation of soil and motivate them for the use of compost fertilizer which can help them to get best quality of product with good production rate.