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Dairy Farming

"अथ गव्यं तु जीवनीयं रसायनम् । क्षतक्षीणहितं मेध्यं बल्यं स्तन्यकरं सरम् ।
श्रमभ्रम मदालक्ष्मी श्वासकासातितृट् क्षुध: । जीर्णज्वर मूत्रकृच्छ्र रक्तपित्तं च नाशयेत् ॥ "

We are having our own farm which is having 100% pure Gir cow which is one of the ancient breeds of Indian cows. We do not have any another breed on our farm and we produce and supply  “Gir’s A2 Protin” cow milk.

We are having our dairy farm and dedicated green fodder farm which produces green fodder for our cows.

What is Gir's A2 protein Milk?

Gir’s A2 protein Milk is natural milk that comes from selected original gir cows breed that naturally produce only the A2 protein and no A1.

What is an A2 cow?

The cows whcih produce A2 type protein only called A2 Cow. our Original Indian breeds of cows, such as Pure Gir, Tarperker, some of the  Asian and African cows which produce A2 protein only.

What is A2 and ordinary A1?

Both A1 and A2 varieties of milk are the product of two genetically different cow breeds. Earlier all cows used to be A2 until a naturally occurring genetic mutation in European breeds changed the genetics of milk producing cow herds And today most of the milk that we consume comes from the A1 variety of ordinary cows (Holstein Friesian-HF, Jersey, Cross breeding of Indian cow with European cattle or buffalos milk. ). The ordinary cow produces the mixture of A1 & A2 protein.

Yet few original Indian pure breed cows & some foreign cow breeds (such as Pure Gir, Tarperker, some of he Asian and African cows) produce A2 protein Milk which only contains the A2 protein and no A1.

Fresh & Unadulterated

The milk is 100%  from our farm and it is not collected from anywhere else. We provide the farm fresh milk which is very pure and unadulterated. Best quality is our prime focus. The pure ancient breed cow’s milk should reach to the people directly.

After mother’s milk, it is only the cow’s A2 milk which gives energy and full protection and is Digestible.

What type of cow we are having?

We are having pure breed cows and these are treated well at our farm. we take care of these cow at a minute level so that to keep the good health & hygiene of our cow. We are taking care of not only for the cows we are having but also we are keeping the purity of the next generation of cattle.

This will preserve & maintain the purity of the gir cow’s breed at the highest level. Our cows are not treated with growth hormones or rBST and our milk is antibiotic free.

Feed to our cow

We generate the Feed for our cow’s in our own farm so that we can take proper care of the Cow Feed properties which are essential for our cow and her milk.

We grow  green fodder for our cows at our own farm by using compost fertilizer which is our in house production. This will keep the green fodder free from chemicals which is very essential part of good quality milk.

Pure Hygienic product

We milk the cow by hygienic way by milking cow with milk machines so that the milk should have less human interface and hygiene should be maintain.

General Benefits of Gir’s A2 Milk

Cow-milk has always been a part of the Indian diet. spiritual and nutritional values have been known to our ancestors since time immemorial. Our ancient Ayurvedic texts describe the Indian cow-milk as possessing a sweet taste, cooling in nature, highly nutritive, tonic for our vital organs, easily digestible, prevent obesity among children & adults, Improve brain function, reduce acidity, help to reduce peptic ulcer and whose consumption promotes immunity and longevity.

Health and Medical Benefits of Pure Gir cow’s Ghee

  • According to Ayurveda the usage of Ghee is a vital food for healthy skin, mental clarity and digestion
  • It is used in medicinal practice to help with ulcers, constipation and the promotion of healthy eyes and skin and can be used for the treatment of burns and blisters.
  • Ghee contains conjugated linoleic acid which is helpful in losing weight, especially belly fat, and has been known to slow the progress of some types of cancer and heart disease.
  • Ghee is rich with antioxidants and acts as an aid in the absorption of vitamins and minerals from other foods and strengthens the immune system.
  • Ghee is a central part of Ayurvedic Medicine as well, because of its unique capacities as a carrier oil that brings the properties of various herbs and spices into the deepest tissues of the body