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About Us

We are a Countryside Farming Company in the production of Dairy Products, Honey, Food, and Fruits.
We are the Farming company having our own farm of Oranges, Lime, Lemon, Honey Bees and our own Dairy farm with One of the Best Pure Bread of Indian Cow (Gir). We are having own productive farmland and our facility is in the country side of a small Town. we produce agricultural products, including, Oranges, Lime, Lemon, Milk, Ghee, corn, soybean, Channa, Tuwar, Cotton, Sargun. wheat. mung.

We operate under the model of Sustainability of the people, farmers and communities involve and surrounding us so that their life can get benefited out of it. Self Sustainability of the Farmer is our main aim. Also, we focused on maximizing utilization of resources and keeping in mind the preservation of the environment and natural resources.


We are having our Farm from many generations and we have started this company in 2017. We are now having our own Dairy farm of  Pure Indian Gir Cow with pure A2 beta Milk and we are staring our product variety of  oranges,Lime, Lemon, milk, Ghee, corn, soybean, Channa, Tuwar, Cotton, Sargun. wheat. mung.  This is Fresh and Direct products from our farm and from the farms of the Farmers associated with our Company.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a one of the trusted and truly agriculture leading brand globally with our products like Gir’s A2 Milk, Honey, Grain Crops, Vegetables and Fruits. Also our vision is make self sustainable villages by connecting farmers and transferring knowledge to them so that it will help to enhance their life and they can get direct monitory benefits.

How we plan to achieve this:
  • Quality Is not a word it’s a Trust, Our main focus is Quality Product.
  • Making Land into High productive and by increasing awareness amongst the farmers.
  • By setting up the R&D center to help them in terms of technology.
  • Providing the Pure Product directly from Farmer to the consumer with moderate cost.
  • Through the Honest, Trustworthy, Highly Motivated team
  • Introducing cutting edge technology
  • Being the lowest cost producer in every commodity we produce.
  • Being the most efficient in terms of production and logistics